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 As the stars are gradually aligning for The Paul Anthony Foundation, Paul Anthony is realizing his calling to share his journey with churches and other community organization is and will be impactful, healing and full of increase.

Paul Anthony is committed to raising awareness about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and the fight for a cure. He is available for speaking engagements, performance, book signings and interviews so that he can share his own personal experiences in diffusing, harnessing and eventually eradicating his incurable health challenge of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Paul Anthony will share his secrets for staying in the highest of heights energetically by connecting the mind body and spirit. He will provide firsthand experience and information about alternative and integrative treatment, methods and remedies for to help others with their own life challenging battle with Cancer. Not by word of mouth, but by his very own trial Paul Anthony will share not just his knowledge of the path, but his walk!

You will receive valuable tips on physical fitness, training, nutrition and how he has been maintaining one of the entertainment industry's best looking bodies for over 30 years. Paul Anthony has been inspiring Actors, Music Artists, Executives and Sports Athletes such as LL Cool J, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and countless others the world over.

Paul Anthony has used his research and the knowledge he has acquired during his battle to "flip the scripture" in order to use his challenge to increase his giving and the ability to help others free themselves of the stigmatism often associated with being a cancer survivor.

The Paul Anthony Foundation will also provide apparel, books including the Full Force Brothers “Not Just A House Party”, The Paul Anthony Foundation music CD “When You Believe In You” and other items available for purchase. If any merchandise is sold at an event, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the hosting church or non-profit organization sponsoring the event. For more information or to schedule an appearance or event please contact our office at (347) 788-2122


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