Full Force comprises of 3 brothers & 3 cousins>Bowlegged Lou,Paul Anthony & B-Fine are the George brothers and Baby Gerry,Curt-t-t & J-R aka Shy Shy are the cousins. Full Force's documentary story was presented in 2012 on TV-One's award winning series entitled>UnSung. After its debut,it became the highest rated episode of UnSung in TV-One history. You can see it now on your computer at The Official Full Force website> or here on the Full Force Entertainment website as well. (see section/tab to the right and also under the videos section/tab to the right as well. Incidently,Don Cornelius of Soul Train who rarely did interviews,made his last public TV appearance on Full Force's UnSung episode at the invitation of his dear friends Full Force a few days before he passed.

The actual recording & chart-production history of Full Force began in November 1984, with the release of the Hip Hop classic, "Roxanne Roxanne", by multi talented rap group>UTFO. (Incidentally, The Guinness World Book of Records, lists the Roxanne song as having spawned the greatest number - almost 25 - of answer/response recordings which started with Roxanne Shante's song Roxanne's Revenge which after proper legal activity was also written by UTFO & Full Force. Continuing on with UTFO, Full Force produced their next four Rap albums, including the ground-breaking, "Lethal". It went to #2 on the R&B charts, and it featured the Rock group, Anthrax on the title cut. Right before that time period, Full Force were also co-writers and musicians on Kurtis Blow's classic hit, "Basketball" as well as other Kurtis Blow songs. Kurtis at the time were produced by the talented duo of Robert Ford Jr & J.B. Moore who co-produced along with Full Force,their first 3 albums for Columbia Records. Rob & J.B.were early believers as they invited the Force to participate on Kurtis's 2 earlier albums.

Shortly thereafter, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were discovered by Full Force, for whom they wrote, produced and performed on their multi-million selling platinum & gold hits, which include: "I Wonder If I Can Take You Home", "All Cried Out", "Head to Toe", "Lost in Emotion", and others. It should be remembered that Lisa Lisa was the very first Latin female to perform Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and Pop all woven into each other - courtesy of the Full Force writing and producing team. Also, sadly, they were the last American producers to work with Selena on her multi-million selling album, "Dreaming of You", before her un-timely death. The distinction of writing, producing and performing on the last two top 5 R&B hit singles by James Brown, also belongs to Full Force. According to Billboard Magazine R&B Charts, "I’m Real", peaked at #2, and "Static", reached #5. Both songs taken from Mr.Brown's album also entitled "I'm Real" were soley & entirely produced by Full Force.

Full Force recieved many Gold and Platinum record plaques, resulting from thier work with such artists as: Rihanna, Justin Timberlake & N’Sync, Britney Spears, Lil Kim, Backstreet Boys, etc. ("All I Have to Give" - charted #5 Pop - was written and produced by Full Force and was included in the debut album: "The Backstreet Boys", which sold over 25 million, world wide.) Their multi million selling collection also contains a plaque for, "Don't Phunk With My Heart", by the Blackeyed Peas, which was co-written by Full Force. 2011 saw a collaborative effort on Jill Scott's successful album (The Light Of The Sun) where Full Force co-wrote one of Jill's songs entitled "All Cried Out Redux".

Full Force themselves were hailed by former Billboard Magazine editor Havelock Nelson as the original hip hop vocal band. Some of the hit recordings by Full Force, themselves, included: "Alice I Want You Just For Me", "Temporary Love Thing","Unselfish Lover" & Aint My Type Of Hype which was the dance battle theme song from the hit movie House Party. The entrepreneurial spirit of Full Force has also been displayed in various arenas, in (acting, fashion design); and outside (health and fitness promotions, celebrity charity basketball events, motivational speaking) of entertainment.

For over 25 years, they have maintained Forceful Enterprises, Inc., as a base for many of their projects. Regarding their music history, here is an additional listing of some of the many recording artists, from various genres, that have worked with Full Force:>>>> Fergie, Lil Kim,Beano Boys Crew, Bob Dylan, Anthrax, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Lou$tar, Hall & Oates, Tisha Campbell,Method Man, Doug E Fresh,Whodini, Scarface, Colby O’Donis, Nina Sky, Patti LaBelle, Da Brat, Ashanti, Brick and Lace, Jasmine Guy, Fat Joe, Raekwon, B.B King, Gerald Levert, Ginuwine, Wanda Dee, Siamese, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Doctor Ice, Isaac Hayes, George Duke, Najee, Samantha Fox, Allure, Naturi Naughton, The Force MD’s, Montell Jordon, Kevon Edmonds, Me’lisa Morgan, Vesta, Regina Bell, Nile Rogers, Bobbi Humphrey, The Floaters, Latoya Jackson, Ex-Girlfriend, The Weather Girls, M2M, Howard Hewett,Philip Bailey,etc. Clive Davis brought Full Force in to work on the debut album of the talented vocalist and gifted songwriter, LaLa, the writer of Whitney Houston's first smash hit, "You Give Good Love". In 1993, Full Force joined with producer, Teddy Riley in his Virginia based studio to Co-produce together three songs for R&B artist, Monifah.

Full Force's support system started early on with the 3 George Brothers of Full Force getting their start up with their father & uncle (Lucien George Sr & their Uncle Cito) who took them to the Apollo Theater Amature show where they went by the name of The Amplifiers who won 1st prize 4 weeks in a row . All in all the group's parents of Roy & the late Mary Charles (Baby Gerry;s parents)...J-R aka Shy Shy's parents of Hugh Clarke Sr & Carmen Clarke......Curt's parents>The late Herbert & Nella Bedeau and Lou,Paul,& Brian aka B-Fine's parents of Carmen & Lucien George Sr all carried that parental support system. Ms Cee Gee & Charlene Curry both headed up Forceful Enterprises (The Office) It was Lou's college buddy the late Steve Salem who served as the group's co-manager & was responsible for Full Force being writer's & producers for other artists besides themselves.
In addition to continuous collaborations with established artists, Full Force excitedly extends their reach to develop and record young, new, acts. The son of Bowlegged Lou, Lou$tar, is another on-going project that Full Force works on diligently. Lou$tar has grown up in the music business since he was 4 years old. Lou$tar has a huge gifted talent for rapping & writing witty punchlines & metaphors.In 2002 He founded & formed a dynamic rap group called The Hoodstars with fellow rappers, Svn-Up, Safaree Samuels and Nicki Maraj (now famous as Nicki Minaj)
Group members Lou$tar & Svn-Up both feel that they collaborated & helped to push Nicki to that rap writing & delivery back then. Safaree Samuels was a favorite of Bowlegged Lou,so he pushed for Safaree to be a part of the group though Lou$tar,Svn-Up & even Nicki wasnt feeling him at the beginning. So as The Hoodstars they were groomed by Full Force & as a foursome that grinded & collaborated together in their pursuit of success. Ironically Safaree Samuels today serves as Nicki's hype-man but it was Lou$tar who introduced them both to each other as Lou$tar & Safaree was best of friends at that time.Later Full Force signed Nicki to a solo deal with Forceful Enterprises.That association ended amicably in 2006, which at that time,after the Force took Nicki to many record lables such as Jive Records,Sony Records,Atlantic Records,Rockefella Records (Jay Z's label),Warner Brothers (Where Nicki had a face to face meeting with Kevin Liles) & many other labels, the recording industry was not so favorably viewing female rappers as viable additions to their rosters at that time. One prominent exec at Atlantic/Warner Brother's wanted to use a ghost writer for Nicki. Bowlegged Lou & Nicki who was at that meeting just decided to pass up that situation because Nicki was so adamant at never having anyone write for her. Full Force supported her with that adamant feeling as well. As Nicki & Full Force were ending their union,it was Bowlegged Lou who suggested to Nicki that she go the route of MySpace & create a buzz there. She took that advice & the rest was history.

However, new avenues continue to open for Lou$tar (who has been featured in publications like The Source, Sister2Sister, and Vibe, along with various Internet sites) and other new artists who align themselves with Full Force. A division of Full Force, AEG (Artist Enhancement Group) is geared to the development and enhancement of an artist's presentation, whether veteran or beginner. Group member, B-Fine indicates that whatever the genre, rap, jazz, rock, reggae, classical, blues, etc. when an act is publicly presented: ..."they should not look poorly prepared or inferior."

In connection with Full Force on film, the George brothers (Lou,Paul & B-Fine) have, over the years, co-starred in or were featured in a number of film projects. Most notably, were the roles of the three (scene-stealing) bullies in the comedic"House Party" movies 1 and 2, starring Kid n Play, with additional cast of Tisha Campbell, Martin Lawrence and Queen Latifah. These films, produced and directed by the Hudlin brothers, are now considered cult classics. They also appeared in the Emmy Award winning HBO television movie, "Cosmic Slop". Additionally, members of Full Force have appeared in: "Krush Groove" Starring Blair Underwood; "Who's the Man" Starring Doctor Dre,Ed Lover & Ice T, and "The Martin Lawrence TV Show". Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker was hired by Full Force to direct his very first music video for a song written & produced by Full Force entitled "Thanks For My Child" by another Full Force discovery>Cheryl Pepsii Riley on Columbia-Sony Records. (It went to #1 on the R&B charts.)

Lead by group member, Paul Anthony, since the early days of their careers, emphasis has been placed on physical fitness. Full Force still supports the ideas of health, non-smoking and anti-drug abuse. Paul Anthony & Full Force were one of the first in contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop music to showcase their physique's with marketing & promotional savy. Paul lead that attack & he continues to pursue exercise on a regular basis and encourages others to do their best in those areas also. He can always be counted on to speak out loud and proud on this topic, even with new challenges on the horizon.

The George Brothers also have out their exciting,personal & revelation-filled book entitled "Not Just A House Party" (The book might be out now as of this reading) Also Baby Gerry has added the skills of being a super talented DJ to his active resume'as he goes by the nickname of DJ Geenius. He spins everywhere but he regularly spins at the famous Clevelander in Miami,Florida !!

Meantime, Full Force continues to be in demand for live appearances, including motivational & business speaking engagements for all occassions including seminars,schools,universities,etc.) They, also, sometimes pair with The Force MD's to perform stage presentations (tracks and/or live instrumentation) at various venues to rousing, standing ovations. This partnership has rocked the Apollo Theater, Foxwood Theatre in Connecticut along with Bell Biv Devoe, and brought the house down. A Vegas style stage show titled: Forces Join Forces has also been very popular in Atlantic City and at colleges across the country. They also were hired by basketball great Dwyane Wade to perform for his lady actress Gabrielle Union's birthday party in Miami where they were also joined with Will Smith & Doug E Fresh !
Flash Forward to now....Celebrating 30 years in the recording industry,Full Force has an exciting True Skool All Star Album entitled Full Force:With Love From Our Friends which features over 30 guest artists & is dedicated to Paul Anthony & his Cancer Champion initiative..
The album is a self-described “True Skool All-Star Project” bringing together an astonishing line-up of special guests such as Tisha Campbell-Martin, Faith Evans,Sheila E,Samantha Fox, Raphael Saadiq, Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shanté, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Regina Belle, Cece Peniston, UTFO, Tevin Campbell, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Flavor Flav, Shanice, Howard Hewett, Force MDs, Blair Underwood, Vivica A. Fox, and many more

When all is said and done, it must be understood, Full Force, true to their name represents a power to be reckoned with, and is always in a stance of progress and positivity, one that engages and encompasses all who are in their presence.


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