Bowlegged Lou

Bowlegged Lou

My name is Lou George aka Bowlegged Lou, which is my professional stage name. I am part of the six member award winning, performing, music producing and song writing group known as Full Force. In college I majored in theater and I have also acted in 3 movies - "Who's the Man" starring Ed Lover, Doctor Dre and Ice-T along with the hit films "House Party 1 and 2" starring Kid n Play and Martin Lawrence where I played the funny squeaky voiced high school bully known as PeeWee.

I am also a public and motivational speaker as I've spoken at various colleges, high schools & seminars. I received an honorary degree from the Pennsylvania School of Business in 2010 while giving a well received graduation speech for over a thousand students. The Savannah School of Art & Design also awarded me an honorary degree in 2011. As for my personality and talents, I consider myself versatile and creative… A comedian, a vocalist, an organizer, an Events Planner, an orator, a communicator, a giver, a thoughtful person, a notorious prankster and a big kid at heart!


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