When award-winning, musical performer, music producer and songwriter, Lucien “Bowlegged Lou” George began losing his peripheral vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, he started the nonprofit, Hope With a Vizion.

The mission of Hope With a Vizion is to support and to bring visually impaired individuals together with designated programs and services needed to empower their pursuit for quality of life and independence in society; while creating awareness and driving and inspiring research that focuses on eyesight.


“Even though I’ve been coping and dealing with my eye disease, I want to help others that are going through their own visually impaired health scenarios. I want to give back with resources, support and awareness.” “I’m staying proactive through this whole process thanks to the love and support of my family and friends. I send my own prayers to everyone. Never give up and never give in.
God bless us all.”

-Bowlegged Lou



Bowlegged Lou/Full Force>Being proactive with this Retinitis Pigmentosa eye disease which the medical doctors say lead to blindness. I don't own that. Here in pic doing Dr Rosenfarb's acu-vision electrolyte eye treatment which combines acupuncture as well. So basically this is alternative Chinese Medicine and I also do the normal Medical Treatments as well. Trying to be proactive to stop the progression of anymore loss of sight as I have no peripheral right now. At times I got to keep turning my head like one of those bobble dolls.Lolol but it's all good as my belief in God lights my way. I have an organization called Hope With A Vizion that educates and support others with visual impairments as well. Eye Got This ! 

https://www.facebook.com/hopevizion/ and http://www.hopewithavizion.org/


Bowlegged Lou/Full Force> Throwback flashback to my wonderful surprise birthday party spearheaded by my dear friend Regina Hall who pushed me to reveal my Retinitis Pigmentosa eye disease which I am definitely going to overcome. My girl Vivica Fox called me and wished me a happy birthday and told me she was out of the country and then she appeared at my surprise birthday party in New York City along with so many friends and family that I'll never forget. https://www.facebook.com/hopevizion/ http://www.hopewithavizion.org/


See Press Release Here >> http://www.hopewithavizion.org/hope-with-a-vizion-1291906004198498/immediate-release-bowlegged-lou-remains-optimistic-after-rp-diagnosis-at-his-surprise-birthday-party-in-ny/
Link to press release: https://goo.gl/ycn1RB
Bowlegged Lou Remains Optimistic About His RP Diagnosis At Surprise Birthday Party in NY
Bowlegged Lou/ Full Force > Throwback flashback to when my dear friend Vivica Fox spoke at my surprise bday party when it was revealed by my hope with a vizion team that I was dealing with the Retinitis Pigmentosa eye disease. Vivica spoke before I came in and got the surprise of my life.

Watch Video Here > https://youtu.be/zHyC61dXTO



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