Our Goals

  This foundation has been created with an ever growing team of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate individuals that will be the walking textbook to not only present and future “Cancer Champions,”but to any and all individuals dealing with many life's physical,mental and spiritual challenges. The foundation has been primarily established to greatly assist the “Cancer Champion” in his or her journey, to think,act and move like its already done. WE ARE NOT SURVIVORS,WE ARE CHAMPIONS. The individual will not face the unknown alone.

It is the foundation's quest to partner with other organizations, foundations and fellow champions to broaden the resources of knowledge and awareness, to have a "pre & pro mindset". With Paul Anthony’s vast and diverse relationships, he aims to have fundraising events of entertaining tournaments, benefit concerts, speaking engagements, hospital visits, pre-screening and award ceremonies in order to raise funds for cancer awareness and research. 


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